How To Relocate To Canada Through Arranged Marriage

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Can I relocate to Canada through a fake marriage?

Dear reader,

If I asked you to give me five major reasons why people get married, what will you say?

Perhaps you will state the following reasons  – Companionship, Children, Status, Money, Love etc

But you forgot one – Immigration.

People do get married so they can relocate to Canada and some of these marriages are real but some are also arranged.

The story I am about to share with you today is one of a man who was scammed of $1,000 while trying to relocate to Canada through an arranged marriage.

Marriage Fraud

Canada Marriage Fraud

The first question you may want to ask is “Why will anyone marry someone they don't know?”

Spousal sponsorship is a major way to relocate to Canada and the aim of this relocation pathway is to reunite real couples.

Unfortunately, the family-centric nature of Canada has been taken advantage of by people who are only interested in immigrating by hook or by crook.

A few days ago, I got a DM from a woman – Julie who wanted to get the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass – a masterclass I created to help you get a Canadian job and relocate to Canada via Work Permit in 180 days or less.

While asking her if she had tried to relocate to Canada before, she opened up and told me how she had tried to relocate to Canada a few years ago and how it led to her losing all her savings.

Will You Marry Me?

“Will you marry me?” was the content of the DM that changed the trajectory of Julie's life.

However, it wasn't a romantic “Will you marry me?” as most women will wish for.

In 2018, Julie had put up a post on a Facebook group asking for help relocating to Canada.

She had talked about how she didn't know where to start from. She had also included her Whatsapp contact in the post so that anyone who wanted to help her could reach out to her.

That same day, she got a Whatsapp DM from a Canadian number.

It was a man saying he could help her.

This man told Julie about the Spousal Sponsorship pathway and said he could bring her into Canada as his wife since he was a Canadian citizen and after a few years, they would divorce.

Compared to all the relocation pathways she had heard of, this was looking like the easiest.

After all, all she had to do was get married and get divorced a few years later!

She agreed to the sham of a marriage.

The man however demanded she pay him $1,000 – $2,000 upfront and the other half when she got to Canada.

Without thinking much, she emptied her savings and sent him $1,000 seven days after they had had their first conversation.

That's when the real issue reared it's ugly head,

He blocked her everywhere!

It was then Julie realized she had been scammed of her life savings!

The Dark Side of the Canadian Arranged Marriage

I told Julie she was lucky that she was just scammed because things could have gotten worse.

When I mean worse, I mean way worse!

If she wasn't scammed and had gone through with the arranged marriage and was caught, she would have deported, been imprisoned or fined, given a permanent record of fraud with the IRCC and finally, she would have banned from returning to Canada for at least 5 years!

See why I said she was lucky?

Imagine if she had paid $2,000 and still went through all these.

A lot of people think that relocating to Canada via the fake Spousal sponsorship is the easiest way to relocate to Canada but I am about to dispel that myth.

Is Spousal Sponsorship the Easiest Relocation Pathway?

Is the fake Spousal sponsorship really the easiest way to relocate to Canada?

Let's take a look at some of the things involved in relocating via Spousal Sponsorship.

  1. You will need to present a marriage certificate that will be scrutinized critically
  2. You have to stay together and be taken care of by your spouse who is a Canadian citizen for at least 3 years after you relocate.
  3. You have to show proof that you own property with your spouse
  4. You have to show that your relationship is acknowledged by friends and family.
  5. You have to show that you both have a joint account
  6. You have to show that your marriage was registered with the government etc.

And the worst part…

The processing time for Spousal sponsorship application is a whole 12-24 months!

So I ask again, is the Spousal Sponsorship route really the easiest relocation pathway it is painted to be if you aren't really married?

Will you be willing to sabotage your love life for 3 years?

What of all the documents you have to present?


Let me show you the two easiest pathways to relocate to Canada.

The Two Easiest Relocation Pathways!

  1. The Sponsored Work Visa Pathway.

This involves you getting a Canadian job from your home country then relocating to Canada with a work permit.

This is by far one of my favorite relocation pathways because it is very affordable – most times, your employer will cover your full relocation cost and even offer accommodation.

It also won't require you to write any language proficiency exam.

If you will like to relocate via the Sponsored Work Visa route, where I will show you how exactly you can get started and relocate to Canada in 180 days or less.

Relocate to Canada with a work permit

       Go here to get Access HERE

  1.  The Study Pathway 

This is by far one of the most popular Canadian relocation pathways and it deserves the popularity it gets!

This pathway involves you securing admission in a Canadian University then relocating via Study permit.

Like the Sponsored Work Visa pathway, you also won't need to write any language proficiency exam like IELTS or TOEFL

I also have a FREE Webinar where I walk you through how to relocate to Canada via Study Permit in 180 days or less..

Relocate to Canada on Study Visa

Access the FREE training HERE


Relocating to Canada via Arranged Spousal sponsorship is contrary to popular opinion one of the most difficult and dangerous Canadian relocation pathways.

It is better to relocate via the Study pathway or the Sponsored Work Visa pathway.

Stay safe!

I remain Victor Ola and I am dedicated to turning your Canadian hopes to reality.


  1. Good to know the difference, to thank you.

    But can’t I and my 2 kids join my wife after she has Traveled through the study pathway?

    Need response please.

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