How To Relocate and Work in Canada via Sponsored Job Offer Without Passing IELTS or Spending Millions in Proof of Funds”

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The Step-by-Step Guide To Get Sponsored Job from anywhere in the world and Work Permit without Spending Millions of Naira once you are Age 18 and above

In the past 25 months, I have received all kinds of enquiries from my Old subscribers who only want to work and not study and now my years of deep-dive research is over, after I have tested this privately with some of my student, I am ready to officially release the time tested information out this month

This is like nothing you have ever seen any where and pain fully many scammers may use the quality information to exploit innocent people very soon

This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity is For

  • Anyone finding it difficult raising the proof of funds required for you to come to Canada
  • Anyone who find it difficult to write and pass your IELTS exam
  • Anyone struggling to get the required CRS score for the express entry pool
  • Anyone whose age is 18 years and above. No age limits
  • You don’t want to go school every day with projects, presentation, assignments, exam
  • You couldn’t pay huge tuition fee because you aren’t able to get scholarship
  • You want to immigrate permanently and start working
  • Anyone with Zero or minimum of 1 year working experience
  • Your minimum educational qualification is secondary or post-secondary training i.e SSCE, National Diploma, Advance Diploma, Ordinary Diploma, NCE or its equivalent

Do you know that you are one decision away from working and living in Canada legally in early 2023?

Do you know Canada is truly waiting for you in 2023? How do I know?

If you learn all you need to work and live in Canada now, will you start preparing and parking your bags?

I have put together the step-by-step process to do it yourself over the next 3-6 months and start to pack your bags to come and start working in Canada 


Do you mind me taking you through what’s inside the

Canada Sponsored Job Masterclass

What you get in this masterclass:

 (You DO NOT need IELTS, Toefl, GRE or Proof of Funds)

  • Step-by- Step actionable videos on How to successfully apply online and get a job before landing in Canada i.e. How to go about the job sponsorship route from start to finish
  • Scared of interviews? I will show you how to prepare and ace your dream Job interview questions, impress the recruiters and get hired!
  • People lose Jobs because they don't do some things once they get it. I will show you important things you need to do once you get a Canadian job offer letter
  • You’ll discover a list of top specialized job websites and legitimate links to apply to and get an offer whether you have an Academic, professional or Vocational skills qualification. You don’t just google and go ahead to apply on any website which maybe scam website.
  • You'll discover how to spot scams people or organization posing as sponsors in Canada and how to identify verified Canadian employers that genuinely need foreign employees.
  • You'll discover how to create or format your CV/Resume to a Canadian standard that stands you out. Your resume should be focused on your field and discard irrelevant details. (This is where 80% of people get it wrong and it will only lead to no response)
  • You'll also discover how to apply and get a suitable work permit after you’ve gotten a job offer (You can't make mistake here if you do, you will get a guaranteed rejection or worse no response and it will screw any chances you have on relocating to Canada)
  • You'll see how to get an open-work permit for your spouse (if you have one). This allows her to legally work for any employer in Canada
  • You'll discover how to successfully relocate with your immediate family for FREE (if you are married and have kids).
  • You'll also discover easy ways to easily become a Permanent Resident in Canada without any stress or hiccups and eventually becoming Citizen and enjoy every benefit even if you don't have A DEGREE and NO work experience (You must have SSCE)

As if that’s not enough, you’ll be getting this LIMITED BONUSES: Expiring December 30th, 2022 by 9pm WAT

  • Bonus #1: 12 Month Timely Updates about How to Relocate and Thrive In Canada even if you do not know anyone there! [Worth $1,000 – 800k]
  • Bonus #2: Sample Cover Letter and CV copy and paste swipe file. [Worth $250 – 200k]
  • Bonus #3: Interested in making extra cash in Canada? I will show you 10 legitimate side hustles you can engage in to bring in an extra $1,000 – $5,000 monthly [Worth $250 – 200k]
  • Bonus #4: A Checklist of Important Items you need to bring when relocating to Canada. [Worth $250 – 200k]
  • Bonus #5: How to create a LinkedIn profile that will start attracting Canadian recruiters. [Worth $250 – 200k]
  • Bonus #6: How to get Jobs that will cover your entire relocation costs + accommodation costs. [Worth $500 – 400k]
  • Bonus #7: How to submit a visa application that can't be rejected even if you haven't submitted one in your life. [Worth $250 – 200k]
  • Bonus #8: Costly mistakes people make that cost them good Canadian jobs [Worth $250 – 200k]

Who Has This Worked For?

Hello VO, I believe you now and I am getting it Now but Can I see the people who have tested the masterclass privately before now

As A Show of Kindness to my very Old subscribers…

From now till December 30th, 2022 by 9pm WAT, I will offer this masterclass program + all the bonuses to you for an unbelievable discount price of N39, 999 instead of N99, 999

Launch Price:

YES! You will pay only – N39, 999 or $65 or 600 GHS

I know it’s damn cheap (& Hey I’m not stupid for doing it because I really wanted my Old subscribers who just want to work and not study to have access). 

By December 30th, 2022 by 9:01pm WAT, this masterclass will be available to everyone at N99,999 which is still massive

If you jump on the offer now now, you’ll be saving over N60,000 – while you pay only N39, 999 TODAY




Pay Full Sum of N39, 999 till December 30th, 2022 by 9:00 pm WAT

AFTER PAYMENT: send an email message containing: 


EMAIL ADDRESS to receive the course and

Date and Proof of payment to

If NO, you can pay $249 for the Masterclass later and it’ll still be worth it. Or go ahead to cough out $3,000 to your Agent

Get started now – don’t make procrastination rob you of your relocation goals in 2023…

Total Value Worth – N1, 196, 250

Launch Price – Only N99, 999

Current Special Price – Only N39, 999


AFTER PAYMENT: send an email message containing 


EMAIL ADDRESS to receive the course and

Date and Proof of payment to


1.  This is a great platform, how can I benefit from it?

Response: The TravelBySelf platform is a platform created to equip anyone and everyone with the knowledge required to relocate to Canada.

If you stick with TravelBySelf, in no time, you will achieve your Canadian relocation dream.

We offer FREE resources via our newsletter and different quality Paid resources if you want to relocate to Canada via Study route, Sponsored Work route or even Express Entry route.

Do send us a DM on WhatsApp to get started with any of these resources.

+1 (431) 244-0864

2. Can I get a discount on this product as I can't afford this price?

Response: There is already a 85% discount on this product already. It goes for $997 – normally but it is already on discount for $249 – N99,999.

However, if you are interested in getting this product right away, you can get it for $55 or N39,999 or equivalent in your local currency.

Go here to get discounted access:

3. Can I exchange the no ielts guide I bought from you for this particular one?

Response: I think there's a mix-up somewhere. The NO IELTS TO CANADA guide teaches you how to relocate to Canada via Study route.

The CANADA SPONSORED JOB HACK MASTERCLASS teaches you how to relocate to Canada via Sponsored Work Route.

Both products aren't the same and as such, we can't exchange one for the other.

However, since you have gotten the No IELTS to Canada course before, I can give you a discount on the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass…, right now, you can get it for $55 or N39, 999 or in your currency local equivalent.

Go here to get discounted access:

4. How is this new product different to the Canada PR formula?

Response: The Canada PR formula teaches you how to relocate to Canada via Express Entry. In there, I teach you how to pass your IELTS exams and ramp up your CRS scores.

However, if you do not want to write IELTS and you are interested in relocating via Sponsored Work Permit, the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass is for you!

In the masterclass, I will show you time tested strategies that will help you bag a Canadian job and get a Work permit in 180 days or less.

5. Is IELTS a criteria?

Response: Hello! Most employers would not need you to provide an IELTS certificate considering the fact that your interview will be conducted in English so they can assess your proficiency in the English language right there and then.

So, No! IELTS is not a Criteria.

6. I was thinking that I will be getting it free as your student already because I never wanted the study route which is the reason I've not started the process yet.

Response: They are different product and can't be offered as same. If I bought Mercedes Benz G-wagon 2022, I would need to pay if I am buying same product of 2023 made even if I didn't drive the previous year made I bought. That a solution is in digital format doesn't make it valueless. Go here get access ==>

7. I want you to give me your opinion on the Job sponsorship offer.

Is it the best way to follow and is it not late to start applying?

Response: The Canada Sponsored Work Visa is best for people who are interested in getting a Canadian Job and relocating on a work permit.

This route is also very affordable. Is this something you are interested in?

8. How much are you selling this to me as one of your old followers?

Response: Of course! I prioritize my old subscribers.

The Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass goes for N99,999 but as my longtime subscriber, you can get pre-launch access to the course for N39,999.

However, we do not have a lot of slots available as we are trying not to take on more people we can provide support for..

9. What am I paying for?

Response: The Canada Sponsored Job Masterclass is a comprehensive, professional and experiential guide that’s takes you by hand showing Step-by-Step process to get Sponsored Job and Work Visa from anywhere in the world without submitting IELTS/TOEFL result and setting down in Canada without spending huge dollars on travel agent once you are 18 and above

10. After payment ,what next?

Response: AFTER PAYMENT: send an email message containing: 

Then you will get premium access to the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass. Please check your mail.

Once you get access to the Masterclass, you just need to settle down and study the content of the course and begin your journey to relocating in 180 days or less

11. Are you sure I wouldn't be paying a dime after this?

Response: Getting this Canada Sponsored Job Masterclass assures you that you won't be paying any dime to any agent to process your relocation.

You will be able to do everything on your own, from your bedroom.

12.  What if I fail my IELTS exam after buying this?

Response: Most employers do not need you to have an IELTS certificate.

They mostly access your English language proficiency by listening to the way you speak during the interview.

13. Does this route cover my family as well?

Response: You can relocate with your spouse and kids in 180 days or less…

Your spouse will get an open work visa while your kids will get study visas.

14. I heard it takes 362 days to process a work visa for Nigerians, how do we go about that?

Response: Not completely true!

It will only take that long if you do not know what you are doing.

All the strategies I share in the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass will ensure you relocate to Canada in 180 days or less…

15. I hope you will still be available to put one through after getting the course?

Response: I will be available to give support after getting the course so feel free to always reach out to me on our support group if you encounter any challenge.

16. How many years does a work visa last?

Response: A work visa typically lasts for 2 years.

That isn't a problem because you can easily renew it while working towards becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

17. Can I get the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass before getting my international passport?

Response: You should!

You need your international passport in the very last stage of this process. You need to get a Canadian Job first before anyone will request for your passport.

18. The course seems amazing but expensive though…

Response: Agents will typically charge almost N1,000,000- N2,500,000 as single or family for what you will be learning how to do by yourself in the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass which goes for measly N39,999 currently till December 30th, 2022

What I am charging you is just a commitment fee. This course is actually supposed to be priced at $997

Will you rather pay an agent N1,000,000?

19. Can I pay the masterclass fee in installments?

Response: We do have a lot of students so we can't exactly keep track when you pay in installments.

However, there is massive price reduction of N60,000 on this masterclass right now.

You get to pay N39,999 instead of N99,999.

Why don't you take advantage of that instead?

On December 30th, 2022 by 9:00pm WAT

Talk soon,

Victor Ola

Turning your Canada hope to reality in 2022


    1. Work sponsorship is cheaper I guess because all the relocation costs will be taken care of unlike school where the school fees can be very discouraging

      1. No! In this case there is no school fee, it’s always through scholarships. So the expenses is almost nothing.
        If you have been following this guy you will know.

  1. I’m mrs owo jovita chima I’m so much Happy to be here in this Canadian visa process Mr Victor Ola you have been working so hard to make sure that all those that have been struggling to be in Canada you have been making everything successful for them but not that I have traveled I’m seeing all the testimony that is why I have been convinced that God that did it for them also do it for me and my family thanks so much sir god bless you you will live long nobody plan evil against you and prosper because what you have been doing to a lot of people saving people from poverty saving people a lot of things especially in Nigeria what is happening killing people nobody walk freely in Nigeria without praying to God for protection a lot of people are afraid to travel because they kidnap so many people this time around is longer people that have money everybody now is included so for you to decide to live in this terrible country call Nigeria especially I don’t know other country but Nigeria is very very tough now I pray the almighty God will Grant everyone that make up his mind to live in this country your desires in Jesus name amen thanks.

  2. Dear V.O,
    I am 48 years + this year with job experience since 2000 tlll date and my wife is 30+ years of age. Please, i would like to know if i qualify for this program.
    Thanks for urgent feedback.

    Matt Chijide

  3. Nice one and great opportunity to relocate, live and work in Canada. More grace from God to you for your continuity in helping humanity Mr Victor.

  4. Am happy to see testimony up on up testimony here I believe in God I will be one those people who will give testimony next but I want to relocate to Canada with sponsor , working permit. My challenge now is the fee to pay .

  5. Am interested in live and work in Canada with my family because Canada is a reliable and save country

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