The Highest Paid Canadian Job Ever!

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Everybody's dream is to get a well-paying salary.

It is in our prayer points 

It is in our vision boards.

It is what we crave and run after!

However, while it is good to wish for things and hope for a better life, it is very important that we are also realistic.

Today, I will be sharing the story of a Man who got scammed after getting a $25,000/Month salary.

Do Canadian Job Really Pay Very Well?

The Hero of this unfortunate tale is a man named Gbenga.

Gbenga had seen a random Canadian job opening that had promised to pay $25,000/Month.

$25,000 not N25,000 ooo

He jumped at it and applied.

He was eventually offered the Job but he was told that since the Job paid so high. Gbenga will have to pay for all the necessary documents himself.

Poor Gbenga.

He paid the company $1,000 to acquire an LMIA for him.

After he had done that, they never contacted him again.

Gbenga's $25,000/Month Job which never existed in the first place had disappeared for life!

Here was Gbenga's mistake!

If Gbenga had done his research well, he would have known that 97% of Canadian Jobs won't pay you $25,000/Month.

There are only a handful of Jobs that pay $10,000/Month for entry level roles

So let's talk!

How much should you expecting as your yearly salary when you get a Canadian Job?

In the next section, I will share 30 selected Canadian Jobs (there are hundreds different available Jobs aside those mentioned below) and how much they typically pay yearly at Entry Level in 2022.

Canadian Jobs and Entry Level Salary Expectations 

  1. Lawyer    $62,000 – $100,000
  2. Registered Nurse  $65,000 – $90,000
  3. Doctor   $62,000 – $162,000
  4. Accountant   $41,000 – $60,000
  5. Banker  $21,000 – $59,000
  6. Software Engineer   $61,000 – $91,000
  7. Cyber Security Engineer  $59,000 – $93,000
  8. Teacher  $46,000 – $71,000
  9. Chef   $32,000 – $52,000
  10.  Truck Driver – $40,000 – $57,000
  11.  Call Representative  $28,000 – $39,000
  12.  Construction Worker $34,000 – $49,000
  13.  Digital Marketer – $42,000 – $63,000
  14.  Marketer $33,000 – $42,000
  15.  Cleaner  $31,000 – $38,000
  16.  Optician  $39,000 – $54,000
  17.  Product Manager  – $65,000 – $93,000
  18.  Human Resources Manager $59,000 – $86,000
  19.  Pharmacist  $87,000 – $100,000
  20.  Project Manager – $57,000 – $86,000
  21.  Business Development Manager $47,000 – $75,000
  22.  University Lecturer  $48,000 – $96,000
  23.  Receptionist  $31,000 – $40,000
  24.  Electrical Engineer $55,000 – $85,000
  25.  Financial Advisor $41,000 – $57,000
  26.  Account Manager   $41,000 – $62,000
  27.  Industrial Electrician $67,000 – $79,000
  28.  Sales Associate $24,000 – $38,000
  29.  Administrative Assistant  $36,000 – $48,000
  30.  Welder  $42,000 – $64,000

Now, these Salary expectations are not necessarily cast in stone as qualifications, age, experience can determine the exact amount you will be paid.

This is however a guide so that you can know how much people working in your industry earn

How To Get A Canadian Job As A Foreigner 

Getting a Canadian Job is a dream come true for almost every African I have met.

Before I relocated to Canada years ago and became a Canadian citizen, it was also my dream.

While it isn't difficult to get a Canadian Job as a Foreigner, it is very easy to fall into scams or get rejected repeatedly.

Here are 4 things you must know so as to quickly get a Canadian Job!

  1. How to format your CV to fit Canadian Standard
  1. How to Impress Canadian recruiters during interviews and ace your interviews
  1. Legitimate Job search links you can apply for.
  1. How to optimize your Linkedin profile to attract Canadian recruiters.

If you do not know how to do any of these 4 things, you most likely aren't ready to get a Canadian Job as a Foreigner. 

The beautiful thing here is you can actually get a Canadian Job as a Foreigner and use a Canadian Work Permit to relocate to Canada with your spouse and kids at little to no cost!

In my Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass, I will show you how to get a Canadian Job that will sponsor you and your family to Canada in 180 days or less.

Click H3RE to access the training.


One of the major ways to detect that a Job offer is a scam is by how much they will pay you.

To avoid this scam, you have to research how much employers typically pay for the kind of role you are applying for.

Stay safe.

I remain Victor Ola

I am committed to ensuring that your Canadian Relocation dreams become a reality in 2022 and beyond.

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