How To Relocate Via Canadian Visa Lottery

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Is the Canadian Visa Lottery a scam?

“V.O, we are going out. Bills on me!”

My head was aching after a long day of worrying about my issues. 

I was still trying to wrap my head around how I would relocate from Nigeria to Canada when my friend – Emeka strutted into the room.

“Guy! We are going out. Bill's on me!!” He screamed excitedly.

I was surprised because Emeka is what we call a proper “Omo Nna” in Nigeria (Omo Nna is used to refer to an Igbo man and can be used to describe how Igbo men are so conscious about spending money)

Despite the banging headache, I remembered mouthing out “Emeka, did you win a lottery?”

He slapped me on my back playfully “Yes! I won a lottery”

He took me and a couple of our friends out and spent a lot celebrating him winning this “lottery”

By the end of that night, I learnt that Emeka had received an email stating that he had won a Visa lottery and could relocate to Canada as a Permanent resident in two months!

I was jealous…

I wanted to win this visa lottery too!

Well, If only I knew what I know now.

Does Canada Have A Visa Lottery Scheme?

The long and short answer is …NO

And I will explain in a minute!

But first, let's finish Emeka's story.

2 weeks before Emeka was scheduled to leave for Canada, he was asked to come to a particular office with his passport and N300,000 cash.

The money was meant to help with some “processing”

Without informing anyone, Emeka went to this “office” with his passport and the sum of N300,000!

This was 2010. 

N300,000 was still a lot of money back then!

Few hours later, I got a call that Emeka had been rushed to the hospital.

Turns out the people he had gone to meet up with were fraudsters. They took his money and beat him up until he became unconscious.

Good News! Emeka didn't die or suffer from anything serious but he did lose a whole lot of money and trust in the immigration system.

Someone About To Fall For The Canadian Visa Lottery Scam

Unlike the U.S, Canada does not have a Visa lottery scheme.

Sometime last year,  a message claiming that people could actually apply for a Canadian Visa Lottery was circulating all over Whatsapp 

Canadian Visa Lottery Scam Whatsapp Message

A lot of people lost their hard earned money in the process as this was of course a Scam!

So if you get an email or a call saying that you have won some Canadian Visa lottery, it is 101% a scam!

So How Do I Easily Immigrate to Canada?

Even though Canada does not have a Visa Lottery scheme, it is still one of the easiest countries to relocate to.

Unfortunately, there isn't as much information about relocating to Canada as there is about relocating to the United States or the United Kingdom.

This is why I am writing this today!

I already stated that Canada does not have a Visa Lottery Scheme. What they do have are several pathways through which you can relocate to Canada as a Permanent Resident or as a Temporary Resident who can later transition to a Permanent Resident.

As of today, there are over 100 different Canadian Immigration pathways and winning a Canada Visa lottery is definitely not one of them!

Even though there are over 100 immigration pathways, I am not a fan of all of them.

Infact, I am a fan of just three of these pathways.

  1. The Express Entry Pathway

The Express Entry pathway is a pathway that allows for people to become permanent residents of Canada without having to stay, study or work in the country first.


  • You can become a Canadian permanent resident in less than a year.


  • The competition is tough. You have to ensure that you have high scores in IELTS, are between 25-40, have a B.sC or M.sC degree, have over 1 year working experience etc to even get a chance.

Note: The Express Entry Pathway does involve a Draw but THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS THE CANADIAN VISA LOTTERY.

Will you love to learn about going through the Express Entry pathway?

Here's a course that will teach the A-Z of relocating to Canada as a Permanent Resident through the Express Entry route!


  1. The Study Pathway

One of my favorite relocation pathways. This is when a person is allowed to temporarily stay in Canada on the basis of them studying.

Before their Study Visa expires, most of these students can transition to a Canadian permanent resident.



  • It does not require you to write any exam, have a special degree or be a certain age.
  • You can start working in no time once you get on the Canadian Work-Study scheme.
  • It is cheaper than the Express Entry pathway.
  • It is by far the easiest way to relocate to Canada.


  • It will take a few years before you can become a Permanent resident of Canada.

Note: There is also nothing like a Canadian Study Visa Lottery. If you see anything like that, it is also a scam!

If you will love me to take you step by step on how you can relocate from anywhere in the world to Canada in 180 days or less through the Study Pathway. Click HERE  ===>

  1. The Sponsored Work Visa Pathway

My absolute favorite pathway!

With this pathway, all you need to do is get a Canadian Job with a Positive LMIA whilst in your home country.

After getting the Job, you can proceed to apply for your Work Visa and then relocate to Canada.

Most times, your employer can also decide to cover your relocation costs.

This pathway does not require you to write IELTS, have a University Degree or be a certain age.


  • Depending on the jobs you are applying for, this pathway does not require you to be a certain age, write IELTS or have a University degree.
  • This is the cheapest pathway considering that most employers actually cover the employees relocation costs.
  • You start earning money as soon as you get to Canada which makes adjusting a lot easier.
  • You get immersed into Canadian society immediately as you have to go to work and interact with your colleagues.


  • It will take a few years before you eventually become a Canadian permanent resident.

Note: There is also nothing like a Canadian Work Visa Lottery. As I have been reiterating since the beginning, if you see anything like that, RUN!

If you would love to get a Canadian Job from your home country, get a work visa and relocate at little to no cost all in less than 180 days. The Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass will teach you how to do so!

I will also teach you how to rewrite your CV to fit the Canadian standard, I will give a list of top websites you can apply for Canadian jobs and many others!

CLICK HERE to check out the Masterclass ===>


Canada does not have a Visa Lottery scheme.

Any email that states that you have won a Visa to Canada is definitely a scam!

However there are several pathways through which you can relocate to Canada – Some are the Express Entry pathway, the Sponsored Work Visa pathway and the Study pathway.

Remain safe!

Talk soon.

I remain Victor Ola and I am dedicated to turning your Canadian hopes to reality in 2022.


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