How to Identify a Canadian Immigration Job Offer Scam!  

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There's nothing as disheartening as finding out that the Canadian Job you just got is nothing but a scam!

Let's be real…

One of the best ways to relocate to Canada is by getting a Canadian Job and using that fact to obtain a Work Visa.

A lot of people are aware of this opportunity but…

A lot of fraudsters are also aware of this opportunity!

Till date, I have met nothing less than 25 people who have been scammed of over $1,000 in their bid to secure a Canadian job and relocate to Canada.

This is why I am going to help you avoid all these Canadian Immigration Job Scams flying around!

One quick question,

If you lose $1,000 – $3,000 dollars, how will you feel?

“Not Good” is my guess. Let's ensure you don't lose money to scammers!

Here are six ways to detect that your Canadian job offer is a scam!

  1. Suspicious Email Accounts.

This is one of the first signs that you may be dealing with a fake employer.

Most legitimate businesses use emails with their domain names.

A few legitimate businesses may use free email providers like Gmail but that is very rare.

Legitimate businesses will typically use emails like NOT 

  1. Poor Use of English

One of the notable signs that you probably are dealing with a scammer is their poor use of the English language.

Here's a message from a scammer who impersonated me some months ago

scammer impersonating Victor Ola

What legitimate company will speak like this?

  1. Too Good To Be True

This is another sign that you are dealing with a scam. The job offers are usually too good to be true!

A woman told me of how she was offered a job without submitting her CV or attending an interview.

A student told me of how he was given a “job” with a bi-weekly pay of $50,000….


  1. You Did Not Apply For The Job

If you did not apply for a Job and you get a job offer, it is most likely a scam.

Most of these scammers reach out to you on their own and offer you a Job when you clearly did not apply for it.

Do not fall for it!!

  1. They Ask You To Pay For The Job

You are not supposed to pay for anything when applying for a Job.

Some of these scammers ask you to pay for a “job offer”, others ask you to pay for “LMIA”, some even go as far as asking you to pay for a “Work Visa”


I am sure you get the drift already…

If anyone asks you to pay for a job, RUN!

  1. They Ask For Very Private Information.

Another way to detect that you are dealing with a scammer is when they ask you for very personal information.

Private information such as your exact home address, your bank verification number etc.

Never give out any information that isn't necessary to your Job search process.


It's not enough to know how to detect scams. You should know how to protect yourself against these scams.

Here are three ways you can protect yourself against job scams.

  1. Do your Research 

Before you apply for a job, research the company. When you receive a random offer, research the company. 

Always do your research!

  1. Acquire Knowledge 

Knowing what the Job search process in Canada looks like will definitely save you a lot of stress.

A lady who took my course – The Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass got contacted by a scammer to pay $1,000 for a LMIA if she wanted a job.

She could immediately detect that it was a scam because I had talked about LMIA in the course.

Invest in courses and materials that will teach you how to get a Job in Canada as an immigrant. Courses like the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass.

Note: There are less than 1,000 Canadian licensed recruiters across the earth, In the Canadian Sponsored Job Hack masterclass, I will give you a list of legit Canadian recruiters that you can easily reach out to.


  1. Do not Share Your Private Information with a Recruiter!

Do not share sensitive details like your home address, bank verification number, bank account number etc. with a recruiter during your job search process.

  1. Do It Yourself

Apply for Jobs by yourself. DO NOT pay anyone especially those guys around you to get a Job for you. You will end up being scammed.


Unfortunately, these Canadian Job scams are not stopping anytime soon.

It is thus your responsibility to protect yourself from these scams.

Remember that Research and Quality Information are the shields that will protect you from these scams.

Stay Safe!

Talk soon.

Victor Ola,

Turning your Canada hope to reality in 2022

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