How To Get Canada Admission Letter even without Applying

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Fake Canadian University Admission Letter.

Dear reader,

Welcome to another episode of “Canada Scam Practice's and I am your host, Victor Ola.

For about a month, I have been writing about Canadian relocation scams and the feedback has been great thus far.

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A few months ago, a guy – John  reached out to me to get the No IELTS to Canada guide which has helped over 1,000 people relocate to Canada via Study permit in less than 180 days.

Since he sent me an email, I decided to have a chat with him.

In the process of talking to him, he revealed how he had tried to relocate to Canada previously via a Study permit and how it failed woefully!

This particular case study I am about to share with you is particularly shocking because relocating to Canada via a work permit is very easy as I would show you soon.

How To Relocate To Canada Via Study Permit

Canada Marriage Fraud

The Number 1 reason why Canada relocation is so hard for most people is because immigration officers and travel agencies make it hard.

This is why I am going to give you a simple explanation of what relocating to Canada via Study permit means.

Assuming you applied to a University in Abuja (I am using my home country as an example) and you get that admission but you stay in Lagos.

What will you do?

You will relocate to Lagos right?


This is exactly what happens when we talk about relocating to Canada via the Study pathway.

All you have to do is secure an admission in a Canadian University and when you do get accepted, get a study permit and relocate to Canada to go and study.

So you should understand when I say I am shocked that anyone can even be scammed during this simple process.

Welcome to the University of British Columbia

One evening, John had gotten an email asking if he would be interested in relocating to Canada via a Study Permit.

His dream then was desperately trying to relocate to Canada so he didn't even bother doing proper research.

This person said he could get John an admission in the University of British Columbia. 

The offer sounded really good – he didn't need to do anything and he would get an admission in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

A few weeks ago, John opened his Whatsapp to see a screenshot of an acceptance letter from the University of British Columbia.

He was beyond excited, so he didn't even question it when this “agent” asked him to pay N300,000 to get the soft copy of the acceptance letter.

He quickly borrowed the money from several loan apps and paid the money hoping to return it once he relocated to Canada.

He was sent a soft copy of his admission letter and he immediately started informing everyone that he would be in Canada soon.

The real problem started when he tried to apply for a Study Visa and was told that his admission letter from the “University of British Columbia” he was given was fake.

To compound the problem, the “agent” who gave him the admission letter was nowhere to be found.

He came across my promotion on social media and decided to give relocating to Canada another shot.

This scam is actually very common and I will love to help you identify a fake Canadian University admission.

How To Identify A Fake Canadian University Admission Letter

Here are 3 major ways to identify a fake Canadian admission.

You can't exactly identify a fake admission from the acceptance letter as fraudsters have perfected the art of creating fake acceptance letters that are very similar to the real ones.

So here's what you should look out for instead;

  1. An Unofficial Email Address.

100% of Canadian universities have official email addresses.

Instead of

You should see something like

Get it?

If you see an email from an unofficial email address, it is probably a scam.

  1. Getting Admission Without Applying For One.

If you didn't apply for a Canadian university admission and you get one out of the blues.

It's probably a scam.

Ask yourself, why would a Canadian University reach out to you and give you an admission if you didn't apply for one.

  1. You Are Asked To Pay A Huge Fee To Get Admission.

I am tempted to rent a megaphone to announce this!

You are not supposed to pay an exorbitant amount of money to apply for admission in Canadian Universities.

Most Canadian universities will typically charge 50-200 Canadian dollars for application fee.

Relocating via the Canadian Study Permit – the Easiest Relocation Pathway?

If it is really easy to relocate to Canada via the Study Pathway, why do people still fall prey to scams?

Do you remember the first time you tried to turn on your gas cooker? You didn't know what to do right?

But once you knew what to do, it became so easy that you could even turn on your gas cooker with your eyes shut!

Disclaimer – Do not turn on your gas cooker with your eyes shut.

This is very similar to what happens with relocating to Canada via Study permit.

It is very simple but if you do not know what to do, you will find it ridiculously difficult!

Here are a few things you need to know before attempting to relocate to Canada via a Study visa.

  1. Verified lists of schools that will give you admission with scholarship. (To help you save some money)
  2. How to write statements of purpose that are sure to get you an admission in a Canadian University.
  3. Verified lists of schools that will give you admission even if you don't have IELTS or TOEFL
  4. How to fill your visa application form correctly to ensure that your visa application isn't declined
  5. How to relocate with your spouse and kids if you are married with children. 
  6. How to transition from a Canadian student to a Permanent Resident.

You can definitely get bits and pieces of this information on Google and YouTube but it will take you countless months and a whole lot of data to get all the information you need.

If you have that time and a lot of money to spend on data, you can go down that rabbit hole!

However, I can show you all these and more in a few days and help you to relocate to Canada in 180 days or less in the NO IELTS TO CANADA guide.

Relocate to Canada on Study Visa

Access the FREE training HERE


Fake Canadian admissions are now the order of the day.

Rather than pay anyone to help you get an admission, you can do it yourself!

It is a very simple process as long as you know the steps involved.

Stay safe!

I remain Victor Ola

I am dedicated to turning your Canadian hopes to reality

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