How to get a Canadian LMIA from a Canadian Employer

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To stay in your home country is basic, To Japa is divine!

How far will you go to relocate to Canada or even get a Job in Canada?

It is not uncommon for people, especially those in third world countries, to go to any length to secure a job. 

The “length” I am going to introduce you to today is one I didn't  believe existed until I met someone who was a victim of it.

Today, I am introducing you to what I like to call the “Employ yourself” tactic of getting a Canadian Job.

Can I pay for the LMIA?

Remember I said that people can actually go to any length possible to get a Canadian Job or relocate to Canada?

This involves paying fees to obtain the necessary documents, documents like the LMIA.

In Case you do not know, the LMIA is a document that a Canadian employer applies for from the Canadian government to enable them bring in a Foreigner to come work for them.

Note how I said it is the employer that pays for the LMIA not the employee.

In this story I am about to tell you, there is a role reversal.

So this Asian Woman who I met in Canada – let's call her Sara had been seeking for any means possible to relocate to Canada from India.

She was interested in working so she could send money home to her kids as she was a single mother.

Someone introduced her to a Canadian employer who was supposedly in need of a cleaner.

This employer wanted a foreign cleaner preferably from Asia or Africa because according to him, they cleaned well.

She sent an email indicating interest in the role but that was when things started getting suspicious!

He was interested in employing Foreigners but he wasn't interested in paying for LMIA.

He insisted that if he was to employ her and bring her over to Canada to work for him, she had to give him $1,000 to get the LMIA.

Sara was desperate and in no time she agreed.

She sent $1,000 to him, he provided her with a LMIA, she applied for a Work Permit and relocated to Canada to start working for the man.

The Job was tough!

She would work all day – cleaning as if she was a slave.

She however took comfort in the fact that at the end of the month, she would be paid 3,500 CAD.

The end of the month came and she was paid her salary.

It wasn't 3500 CAD as expected, it was a meager 1000 CAD.

The man had cheated her and there was nothing she could do about it.

She wouldn't ever dare to report to the Canadian authorities because she had come in through illegal means by paying for the LMIA herself.

She also couldn't leave the Job because her staying in Canada was tied to this man until her closed work permit expires after 2 years.

She would later discover that that was how the man operated – He would indicate interest in employing a foreigner for a role, once he got a desperate foreigner who just wanted to relocate to Canada by hook or by crook, he would ask them to pay for the LMIA instead of him paying.

He knew that if he could convince them to pay for the LMIA themselves, they wouldn't be able to report him to the authorities when he started treating them anyhow.


As at when I was speaking to Sara, she was still with the wicked employer and was working other jobs to be able to take care of her kids who were still in India.

The “Don'ts” of Getting a Canadian Job.

Let's talk about three things you should never do if you are a foreigner interested in getting a Canadian Job.

  1. Do not apply for random jobs – apply for Jobs from reputable sources.

There are a lot of scam job offers which is why I give my students in the Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass where I teach foreigners how to get Canadian Jobs and relocate to Canada at little to no cost in 180 days or less a list of reputable sources where they can apply for Canadian Jobs.

  1. Do not pay for documents yourself.

This is the best way to set yourself up. Don't pay for any document your employer is supposed to pay for by themself. If you do so, you are giving them the license to treat you as they wants.

  1. Do not be desperate.

There is this mentality that getting a Canadian Job as a foreigner is difficult and you would need to use crooked means to get one.

This has gotten a lot of people to the point of desperation where they can do anything humanly possible to get a Canadian Job.

This is not true – I have helped 100+ people from Nigeria, Ghana, India etc get good Canadian Jobs and relocate to Canada with their relocation costs covered!

All you need is quality information and you will find out that getting a Canadian Job as a foreigner is as easy as getting a Job in your home country!

If you are interested in me showing you how to get a Canadian Job from your home country and relocate to Canada via work permit in 180 days or less at little to no cost, Click HERE.


Getting a Canadian Job as a foreigner can get tricky.

There are thousands of people waiting to take advantage of you.

One thing you should never do though is pay for documents your employer is supposed to pay for.

Do not be desperate!

Be patient, get knowledge about what it takes to get a Canadian Job and you will get one and relocate to Canada in no time!

I remain Victor Ola

I am committed to helping you relocate to Canada.

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