Can I Get An IELTS Certificate Without Sitting for the Exam? 

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Can you get an IELTS certificate without writing the exam? The simple answer should be NO right?

That is the answer I would have given a few years back but the truth is…

You can get an IELTS certificate without sitting for the exam and I will tell you how right away.

About five months ago, I got a call from my friend – He had a bit of a family issue and he urgently needed my help.

Here's what had happened;

His family had hustled up some money for his younger sister to help her process her relocation to Canada via Express Entry.

Part of the money was supposed to go into her writing the IELTS exam needed for her to relocate.

They assumed that she took the exam, she even told everyone she passed the IELTS exam with a band score of 9.

Things were going really well until she submitted her IELTS certificate!

That's when yawa gas (As Nigerians will say when trouble starts)

Her IELTS certificate was flagged as FAKE!

In a few hours, she had been banned from writing IELTS for LIFE!!

She eventually confessed that she had paid someone the sum of N150,000 to write the exam for her.

The person had promised to write the exam and send her the certificate when the result was out.

What she didn't know was that the person never wrote the exam and just presented her with false documents.

Her brother was calling me to see if I could help out…

Me? Help out??

There was nothing I could do.

Let's take a breather here and examine why you are required to write the IELTS exam in the first place.

According to the IELTS official website, The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language.

Knowing this, Here's three ways people go about the IELTS examination..


Let's be honest, IELTS is not the easiest bone to crack even for native English speakers. However, thousands of people have written it and passed.

Of course, only a minute percentage of people pass this exam on the first try.

Some write it 3 times, Some write it 10 times.

I have even read of someone who has written the exam 21 times!

Woman who has taken IELTS exams 21 times laments

Taking the IELTS exam isn't cheap. It is about N75,000 – that's more than $200 

Imagine how much one will spend writing this exam 21 whole times?


This will definitely get you into trouble when you are caught because you will definitely be caught. 

The consequences of falsifying an IELTS certificate can range from being banned from writing IELTS for life to being banned from traveling abroad for a while.

So can you get an IELTS certificate without sitting for the exam? 

Short Answer, YES.

Long answer, YES but it will be a fake certificate that will cause you a whole lot of stress.

It's not worth it at all!


I have met people who have issues passing the IELTS exam.

This is where I recommend relocating without writing the IELTS exam.

Is that possible? Very!

All you need to do is apply to study in a Canadian University that doesn't need an IELTS certificate and relocate with a Study Visa.


You don't have to waste money and time on rewriting the exams countless times or falsifying the certificate.

However, you also have to do your intense research before you even start.

Talking about research, I have a resource that can teach you everything you need to know about relocating to Canada without IELTS.

It's called the “NO IELTS TO CANADA” course.

This course has helped 1,000+ people relocate to Canada in less than 180 days without having to deal with the IELTS exam.

Man Praises Victor Ola's "NO IELTS TO CANADA" on Nairaland

Click HE-RE to get the course!


If you want to get an IELTS certificate, you have to sit for the exam and pass.

And if you are not interested in writing IELTS, you can relocate to Canada via the Study route.

Do not give your money to anyone who promises you that they can provide you with an IELTS certificate when you didn't write the exam. It will get you into serious trouble!

I remain Victor Ola and I am obsessed with turning your Canada hope to reality in 2022.

Talk soon.

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