How To Escape Imminent Fall of Naira upto #700 to $1 in 2022

How many dollars can you make within twenty-four hours? Less than $100 or none. Am I right?

Well, I asked the question because that’s one of the concerns I had also been having from time to time.

If you do not earn in dollars, please wetin you gain? Answer me ooooo

One day, I went to a summit organised for entrepreneurs in the province and getting there, things were running smoothly till I overheard the conversation of the guys sitting close to my table.

Those guys are Africans and their discussion is based mainly on how African currencies are depreciating most especially Nigeria currency (Naira) because one of the guys came from Nigeria while the other guy is a Ghananian (got that from their mouth during the conversation).

The Ghanian guy said he couldn’t believe that the Dell Laptop he bought 8 years ago for just $1500, equivalent to GHS2500 is now costing $1700, equivalent to GHS10,200. The guy said he couldn’t buy the PC again till he left Ghana for Canada.

The Nigerian guy further said that Ghana currency is still learning from the devalued value of Nigeria's currency.

The average price of a dollar is #158.9 in 2012 now compared to date when a dollar is now #540. That’s an insane increase. Many people are already in poverty. Anyone that invested all his money on assets that can only be sold in naira has reduced his wealth to nothing. OMG!

For a decade now, Africa currencies are fast losing their values and nothing seems to be drawing them back. Dollar is gaining global power already.

To worsen the matter, I contacted my friend who is working in the finance sector in the country. He also told me bluntly that dollars are not coming down anytime soon because everything the country purchases is in dollars. Worse still, the country depends most on importation.

It left my mouth wide. Then I started seeing the quest of earning in foreign currency if one has to stay sane and financially balanced. I had never seen reasons to earn in Euro or Dollar until recently when I saw it could be a disaster not earning it (Dollar or Euro).

The future power holders are now the ones earning in dollars and investing them in stocks, cryptocurrency and many, landed property and many more.

Then I realised that anybody living in the third world most especially, Africa doesn’t have a solid way to make enough money not to talk of investing in assets.

And like I always trust my people, they won’t ever fail you, I have been seeing lots of garbage and fluff people are packaging and selling to unwary victims just to make money.

The worst, they collect money from some and then block them from contacting them henceforth.

I can’t let anyone following me fall victim to this villian. So, I took the pain to start vetting the ocean of internet for the proven and most result-yielding ways to make money online even if one has no prior skill.


Hayyyyyyy, I finally got some and locked the expert entrepreneurs in those niche, which I thoroughly perused and am very confident of 2 of the entrepreneurs which are practising what they preach. They are making the dough which I confirmed myself. A nerd can make money with the lessons these guys would teach him.

The first thing I chose for you to start making dollars without spending much of your time or even spending a dime on ads is Amazon book publishing. I guess you know what it is.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the publishing section of where you can publish books either long reads (books with hundreds of pages), short reads (books with lesser than 100 pages) or even Low and no content books like notebook, log book, sketch book, colouring books, puzzle books, activity books etc. for FREE and get patronised from all over the world by the over 300M active customers of Amazon…

Are you a bookPHOBIC personnel? I have good news for you, you don’t need to write your book yourself before you start making money. Even the expert I got also doesn’t write book, rather create books with his WRITING WITHOUT WRITING FORMULA

Victor Ashley Azubuike (Mrwealth) is a full-time digital publisher and business owner that makes nothing less than $5,000 and has helped 1,870+ people make more money online in this year, every single month alive…

without spending a dime for ads or any other expenses!!

No email marketing…

No hiring of ghostwriters…

No hiring of graphic designers…

No Amazon, Facebook or Google or Youtube ads…

Like I said earlier, I’ve reached out to him and we’ve discussed how to go around teaching my audience. He said you only need to get into his community to start making dough for yourself, change your life, be financially free and help your loved ones.

Don’t forget, you don't have to be a writer or an author to do this. Moreso, many people are already walking this new path already which means only those people that failed to earn in foreign currency will suffer when time comes.

The amazing thing about anything online is, it often gets harder by the day once people are exploring it. All the sweet and enticing chops would have been carted away by the fast action taker.

Click here to join Amazon KDP Passive Dollar Generator community and start earning in dollars, invest your money and sit in the better position to scale through the uncertainty future might holds. 

The second entrepreneur I spoke to is Ajeigbe Moruf. If you’re an internet Nigerian person, you shouldn’t tell me that you don’t know him. He has been a freelancing lord since 2016. He has made thousands of people rich and ready to make you rich also if you’re ready. Google up his name and see for yourself if you’re sceptical.

He’s also agreed to mentor you into making money through freelancing for just a few hours of your day.

If you’re intentional on making money and posing yourself as a person of authority without begging for help in the future, click the following link to read more and get started on the journey of making your life better despite the devaluation in naira this year.

Freelancers Money Pot 

Think of it. Why do all the politicians and business moguls in Africa have their assets and businesses valued in foreign currency?

Should I burst your mind, they know what they are turning out local currency into. A little hint is enough for the wise. It's left to you to take action quickly or wait till all the opportunities are closed and left with only devalued currency.

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