Amazon KDP BUSINESS 2022

How does a tiny N40k one-time training fee to make N450k-N1m monthly over and over again sound to you? Even most university/polytechnic/College of Education certificate with all the tuition paid has never return 1% on investment

Would you agree with me that if it's a “get rich quick scheme” that runs with your money, you wouldn't only pay but refer people before being eligible to withdraw? 

Also, if I tell you that what you'll make in a couple of weeks of your implementation is multiple folds of your tiny 40k investment, would you make payment right away? 

It's a do as I do Video training guide, you need to dedicate 1-3 hours daily in the first month, then you start making money on auto-pilot; with that, you’ll be in the club of those making N250k-N1m after some months.

However, if you want to start it as a full-time job, the level of your commitment determines the amount of money you would be raking every week and this will put you in the club of those making N750k to N2.5M after some months

Could you now see that it's easy? 

All you just have to do is little commitment to creating and uploading 25-40 pages word doc to Amazon publishing account even without a writing skill. 

Could you now see that it is an easy business to do?

Affiliate marketing and Amazon KDP are different things to be compared. You wouldn't need to convince/refer people before you make money with Amazon KDP. 

Everything you need to be making crazy sales on your book is the “set it forget it” process. 

It takes the commitment of 1- 3 hours a day from you. Could you now see that it is a piece of cake? 

Amazon KDP is known as kindle publishing. This is a situation whereby you create an ebook and upload it on Amazon for the hungry readers to read your book and pay you for your effort. 

However, you wouldn't need to be writing a book if you're not a writing type but you would be creating a book with MrWealth's WWW strategy. 


Do you now understand what it is? If not, kindly go here and watch the short video to learn more about Amazon KDP. ===>

Everything has been explained and packed in the package MrWealth has for you. However, the sneak peak of it is that you wouldn't need to write a book from scratch if you hate writing. You'll be creating resourceful, detailed and fast-selling books with the WWW strategy which MrWealth will teach you i.e. no writing

Could you now see the advantage of getting mentored by an expert like him? 

With Amazon KDP, you'll be able to make money in dollars which means you can easily make payment for any relocation fees you have to pay without worrying about the dollar-naira rate. 

More so, if you're among those people that requested for how to see proof of funds? This is an easy way to get your relocation dream funded without loan or borrowed funds. 

Great hearing this, you aren't the first person in this situation, many people have also told me this. There are some hidden secrets the gurus which teach on YouTube and open source websites would not tell you that make things work for them. These are the reasons why many wouldn't make a dime after all efforts. 

These are the things that MrWealth would teach you because it has been working for him and hundreds of his students across Africa, earning them consistent 6 & even 7 figures every month. 

Would you now agree with me that you need a mentor to succeed in anything, even in this Amazon KDP business?

It's normal you get curious and vigilant in time like this, which scam has become the normal order of the day. 

I'm the one promoting Amazon KDP to help people that are not financially buoyant make big money enough to fund their relocation dream. You wouldn't need to source all around for proof of funds again. 

With the Amazon KDP Income generator by MrWealth, age should be the least of your worries, you can even do it if you're 10 or 80 years old as long as you can operate a smartphone. 

You can withdraw your royalties into your local bank account once it is ripe for withdrawal every month

Amazon KDP is the brainchild of  Jeff Bezos. Amazon KDP has been around since July 2007 and  has been paying action-takers crazy money since 2010 till date.

Now that you know that Ama-zon KDP has been paying people that are ready to do the work

Would you agree with me that it isn’t a get rich quick platform that scams people off their money but get rich for sure business?

You just need to wait for the royalties to be ripe for withdrawal. Once it’s ripe for withdrawal, you can withdraw almost immediately.

MrWealth will teach you how to get paid INTO THE FREELY CREATED PAYONEER ACCOUNT and how to transfer it into your Nigerian bank account or any other african local bank account

Yes! You can use any Android phone, tablet or even if it is ITEL… Lol🤣

Some of my students who also complained about  not being able to operate computers at all are now already making money through Amazon KDPbusiness. You can do everything with your Android, tablets, and any smartphone you have. 

Could you now see that having little knowledge of operating computers shouldn't stop you from making money for yourself?

If I understand the question right, you asked, are you paying for anything else after enrolling in the premium training? 

You only need to pay the fully subsidised training fee to enrol in the premium training. You wouldn't need to pay anything to create your verified account, create books and upload books to start earning moolah. Everything else comes with no fee👌🏿 

You'll be added to a private Facebook group with likeminded people who are already making 5-8 figures like MrWealth and the new students like you. 

Any concerns and questions you have in future will be attended to by these big boys and MrWealth himself. In short, you have unlimited access to support. 

The 9 hours video training has been pre-recorded. The training period depends on your hunger to learn and make money. You can start implementation within 2-3 days.

Lastly, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group where the information would not cease to be shared and you will be responded too if you have any question to ask others making N250k-N2m monthly doing the same business

How I desperately wish I could help, but unfortunately, I couldn’t because I have numerous people expecting my financial help. 

My empathy and concern for the hard times people are passing through made me look for a way to make money online with their smartphone without having to pay a fortune for it.

But then, the right question you should rather ask yourself is how do you afford it, then you will find creative ways to find the training fee. So you won’t have mentality of ‘I will pay my University/School tuition fee only after I have secured a Job with my certificate’

I understand your personality. But believe me, you don’t have to be promoting porn documents for any website nor do you need to write a porn book.

All you just need to do is create a 25-page document that MrWealth will teach you… upload on Amazon and start getting royalties for it.

You wouldn’t need to be paying anything afterwards to start making money. You only need the one-time training fee and nothing more. 

Would you agree with me that this is a cheap offer?


If you follow my previous messages intently, you would have seen that an 11 years old boy is also making money with this… Single mom of 3 also made money with it…

This means that you wouldn’t need to be an author or publisher of a book before you start making money with Amazon KDP.

Fortunately, if you get your mentorship under MrWealth, he will teach you how to create a book (without writing).

Could you see that this is easy to do?

It’s normal you get tense and afraid when it comes to online stuff.

But would you agree with me that it’s da-mn simple if a teenager of 11 years could be making money with it?

Like I said, you wouldn’t need to be writing a book from scratch at all. However, you’re not stealing other people’s books because Ama-zon would not accept that from you.

Plus, MrWealth would teach you his method for creating books quickly

Would you agree with me that this is easier than could be thought of?

Would you agree with me that Ama-zon KDP course is what you need? This has been addressed in the training program. 

All you just need to do is join the mentorship and follow the instructions. You don’t need to worry about your expired international passport.

Believe me, Amazon KDP business is different from a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You wouldn’t be investing your money, folding arms and watching your money flow in quadruple in a few hours.


Naaaayyy, that’s a ponzi scheme scam thing.

You would learn how to create a book (without writing skill) which you would upload on Ama-zon and start getting royalties for it.

Moreso, you can google Amazon KDP on google or any search engine and see how it’s been making people rich for years now.

It's normal you’re sceptical about this. The fake gooros and scammers have crippled the mind of people when it comes to anything like making money online.


But would you agree with me that all the testimonials of the students of MrWealth making money are open?

This means they are real and you can check them out.

Moreso, Amazon KDP is not a new, strange business. Rather, it’s a well paying business that has been hidden from the public but recently disclosed to help many people.

If you’re still sceptical even after knowing my reputation and MrWealth past students’ testimonials, would you agree with me that googling Amazon KDP online for reviews and what people have to say about it would solve the concern?

Have you done that? Could you now see that it’s a real business?

A lot of people also wondered in the first place that this could be real. But I tell you that they couldn’t believe it until they are earning lots of cash that they never thought possible to make in their 9-5 for a year.

More so, this is not a scheme where you get to be referring to people before you get paid. You just have to ‘only’ create a book (even without a writing skill) and upload for a huge payout.

It’s not a must for you to have a domiciliary account before you can start making money with Amazon KDP. However, MrWealth would teach you his strategy to receive your money straight into any Nigeria or other africans local account.

The amazing and good thing about Amazon KDP is that it is not location dependent.

You can do the Amazon KDP from anywhere in the world, even in the cave as long as you have a network and your device.

That’s one of the reasons I chose Amazon KDP as one of the best online businesses for anybody.

Could you see that this is an opportunity to explore now?

You would be given training videos, tools that will properly train you on how to create high-demand books, create a successful Amazon KDP account and upload your book.

Also, you would be added to a private Facebook support group where you would be receiving subsequent tips on how to make more money from the experts and pros in the field who are already making N250k-N2m monthly over and over again


Would you agree with me that this is a steal compared to his one-to-one mentorship that costs nothing less than 500k?

What is a one-time N40k training fee that will make you average of N450k-N1m monthly over and over again?

Some students also complained about the price in the past but they’ve made more than they could believe, nothing less than 450k every month of action? Could you now see that the Amazon business is worth it?

This training is not social media based training. You will be provided with Login details instantly after payment and you access the video training materials which you can start implementing almost immediately and the link to Join the private Facebook support group where you can be asking questions everyday from those making N250k-N2m every month over and over again

Yes! MrWealth will provide you a private WhatsApp number and would add you to his private Facebook support group where he would be attending to any subsequent concern you might probably have after implementation. 

More so, you’ll be in the midst of other successful and money-getting students that are already making nothing less than N250k – N2m monthly.

Go here: 

You can do online bank transfer by using paystack and a unique account number will be generated for you, Then go ahead with your bank transfer

Afterwards and Instantly, you will have access to login details to download or watch the 9 hours training videos. 

You’ll also see a link to Join the private Facebook group where you would be in the same room with the 7 and 8 figure earners of the Amazon KDP business

You will be provided a private WhatsApp number and Link to Join Premium Student Facebook group immediately after you pay for the training where you will interact with students like you making N250k-N1m naira monthly over and over again.

Of course, NO!

You wouldn’t need to market anything or do any selling before you could be making sales. All you just need to do is create a sales driven account which MrWealth will be revealing to you in his premium training.

Of course, as I have earlier said, this is not a get rich quick scheme, neither is it something that you wouldn’t do anything other than to invest and watch your money blown or burnt.

Should I ask you a quick question, if you learn a trade without implementation, will you make money quickly with it? NO right?


If you follow all the guidance and materials intently, the duration between you getting the guide and making money is the implementation period.

You would start making money almost instantly after implementing what you’re to do.

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