5 Ways People Have Been Scammed By Canadian Immigration Fraudsters

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For a while I have been talking of several Canadian Immigration scams that you should beware of if you are interested in relocating to Canada.

I have mostly focused on Large scale scam like the Arranged Marriage Scam, the IELTS scam, the Job Offer Scam amongst many others.

However, I will love to show you several “small scale” Canadian Immigration scams that are trending right now.

These scams are not the type that will make you lose $1,000 or more but they are scams nevertheless.

Here are 5 small scale Canadian Immigration scams you should be wary of!

  1. The “Immigration Lawyer” Scam
Do I need an Immigration Lawyer to relocate to Canada?

Here, someone would contact you posing as an Immigration lawyer who is interested in helping you relocate to Canada. They may go further to even ask you to pay $100 – $500 so that they can begin your “relocation” process.

To avoid being a victim of this scam, do a thorough background check on the Immigration lawyer and don't pay any money until you are convinced.

Better still, you can relocate without using an Immigration Lawyer, I will show you how to do this in my Canada Sponsored Job Hack Masterclass. Click HERE to check it out.

  1. The “Visa Official” Scam.
Canadian Visa Scams

Here, someone would contact you stating that they can help secure a Canadian Visa (Be it Study or Work Visa) without you applying for it.

They would also convince you to pay some money to start the process.

To protect yourself from this scam, Understand the whole process of acquiring a work visa or study visa and do it on your own.

To know what it takes to get a Canadian study visa, Click HERE.

To know what it takes to get a Canadian work visa, Click HERE

  1. The “Canadian Housing” Scam.
Getting a house in Canada as an       Immigrant.

If you have decided to relocate to Canada and have been searching for a place to stay, you could be contacted by someone claiming to be an housing agent in Canada.

These people will tell you to pay a fee so they can help you search for houses in Canada before you arrive.

To avoid falling prey to this scam, contact credible, listed Canadian housing agents instead.

  1. The “Affordable Flight” Scam
Cheap flights to Canada

This one always makes me laugh. Someone can contact you posing to be a travel agent. This person will then go ahead to offer you a “cheap” flight to Canada – $200 or even less.

This scam is mostly as a result of greed. Simply pay for your flight tickets the normal way.

  1. The “Courier Fees” Scam
Getting your passport back after stamping

If you have sent your passport to the Immigration passport, you may fall for this particular scam.

In this case, someone may call you posing to be an Immigration officer.

He will then tell you that you need to pay some ridiculous amount of money to have your passport delivered back to you.

Do note that to have your passport delivered back to you normally, you will have to pay.

However, to avoid being a victim of this scam, you have to ensure that you are talking to the right person not an impersonator.


Canadian Immigration scams are a lot today!

Some are small scale and some are large scale.

To protect yourself, you can do these three things;

  1. Do your research before paying anyone for anything 
  2. Learn how to relocate to Canada on your own
  3. Do not be greedy.

Stay Safe.

I remain Victor Ola

I am committed to turning your Canada hope to reality.

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